by c.kenn

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released 01 January 2012

all songs written by colin kennific
recorded by don kerr at rooster studios
additional recording by tim isherwood
mixed by scott mccrorie at dudley scott productions
photo by julia kennific



all rights reserved


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Track Name: place we were supposed to start
we started out on this road,
with a beggars dream, and a heavy load. mesmerized, by what we left behind,
hopeful for, what we might find.
did the wheels fall of the cart?
before we found,
the place we were supposed to start.

sometimes at night,
when all was still,
we'd see the light
from the top of the hill.
but you keep your eyes,
on the road, with a heavy heart,
and miles to go.
dont tear it all apart,
before we've found
the place we were supposed to start.

you keep on moving,
while on your trail,
ghostly memories, fall down like hail.
like a road map for the human soul,
we were never sure,
which way to go...

dont tear it all apart,
before we found,
the place we were supposed to start.
Track Name: one more chance
you say, no way,
ive got to go.
lets take our time,
its a crime, to mistreat love so.
maybe i did some things i shouldn’t have,
maybe i was wrong...

one more chance:
if we could make it through tonight,
maybe everything
would be alright?

you say, too late,
that i would dare to lie,
theres no sense
in recompense, if i refuse to try.
i tried it once,
it didn’t work:
i cant live without your love...

got on this ferris wheel,
now its running our lives.
don’t you think its time we got off
this carnival ride?...
Track Name: let it go
its as lonely at the bottom,
as it was at the top.
an aching in my heart,
and it just wont stop.
everythingt left unresolved,
pushing rocks back up the hill.
of suffering this world
has had its fill.

you and i were strangers,
we were lost in the crowd.
hiding whats inside by acting out.
when it was i saw you there,
was when i felt alone,
cause i knew right then
i'd never get back home.

if i could let it go,
i would you know.
if i could let it go,
i would.
Track Name: your secret is safe with me
i drove you home,
we kissed goodnight,
beneath the orange glow
of your apartment light.
in the hours before,
you were the queen of the ball,
every vain pursuer,
you dispatched them all.

but i noticed as you took your place,
a shadow passed across your face:
soon youll see,
that your secrets safe with me.

so the 2 of us,
became not quite a pair,
is all we share.
but if these are the persons,
we are to become,
let our future be now,
let our past come undone.

many roads could take us from here,
but the one that well travel is unclear.
you could be free,
your secrets safe with me.

its all temporary,
what we think weve become.
you think youre tougher than that,
you say you walk up above.
but ive seen you broken,
and ive seen you weak,
and in these moments of truth,
how beautiful you can be.

weve started over so many times my dear,
that what we have stopped
is unclear...
Track Name: you should be home
im not saying that shes,
not beautiful,
her silhouette speaks
forbidden charm.
and im sure
shes going to keep you warm,
for the hour or two
you are alone.

but there are demons at,
your table here,
did you really think
that theyd let you win?
theyll pull you down
into that hole again,
where it takes a lifetime
to pull yourself out.

you should be home,
with your wife and son,
and try and undo the damage
that youve surely done.
you should be home.

i wont pretend to be,
above it all. ive been a protégé
to your many sins.
and i know she should not have let me in,
the hour that i
came to her door.

so this train will run,
till it at last derails:
and all the pieces will be broken,
for thats what a crash entails.
you should be home.

youve been through it all,
so you do it all,
and you think its justified.
did you really think that i was sleeping,
those nights i lied awake and cried?...
Track Name: figure it out tomorrow
why did you have to go,
and leave the way you did?
a note left on the floor your greatest lesson.
if we could have stuck it out,
and tried to raise our kids,
maybe we both could have found redemption.

but the legacy you left me here,
and the meaning that was left unclear,
sometimes still can overwhelm me with sorrow.
it's like im stuck in neutral,
but ive been trying to move ahead,
maybe i can figure it out tomorrow.

everybody turns, theres no loyalty now,
were all the same in that we just keep rolling.
and you cant turn back the clocks,
and even if we did,
could we have stopped the future
that was unfolding?

you might get a chance or maybe 2,
to do the things we need to do,
but well repay most everything we borrow.
i wish there were so many things,
left undone or left unsaid.
maybe i can figure it out tomorrow.
Track Name: be that as it may
your hearts been broken, many times.
im out of step with the rest of the world.
we feel we've comitted many crimes,
but we would be freed
by any jury in the world.

you dwell on past mistakes youve made,
im haunted by the ghosts
of what people think of me.
sometimes we're scared,
just picking up the phone,
never quite sure
of exactly who it may be.

be that as it may,
wouldnt you still say,
that you and i were made
for love?

we wish the past would finally disappear,
it follows us around,
whispers secrets in the hall.
we wish our future,
was not so unclear:
its like a dream where you are running,
but your feet so heavy,
hardly move at all.

...if you were to see
someone new,
that would break my heart
in 2, but every cloud every cloud...
Track Name: never know love
i dont want to be here
i want to be with you.
i want to open my eyes to realize,
that with you there's only love.

im tired of al the running
the endless ebb and flow.
it seems all we do is drive,
just to arrive
with no place left to go.

what if we never know love
at all?

i feel just like a soldier
in an unseen senseless war.
and i reach out to feel for something real
but theres nothing left anymore.

how long,
will we second guess ourselves
and brood on unseen wrongs
at what point do we put enmity aside
and realize theres nothing wrong?